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RHLSTP with Richard Herring

RHLSTP 397 - Janey Godley

Season 23, Ep. 26

#397 Stump - Richard has been to the Museum of Scotland and knows which exhibit he’d like to be gifted. He’s also bemoaning how left wing the Fringe has become. His guest is the indestructible force of nature that is Janey Godley. They discuss their somewhat different experiences of cancer and chemotherapy, how having cancer doesn’t make you brave, writing a love letter to the 1970s women of Glasgow, how to cheat your electricity meter, how Janey got cancelled before getting cancer and whether we should forgive people their trespasses if they are repentant. Plus whether Scotland should become independent and why Tories wear red trousers

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  • 66. Retro RHLSTP 66 - Annabel Giles

    RETRO RHLSTP #66 - Christmas Presents for EthiopiaRichard is at the Brighton Theatre Royal and in danger of having a deadly secret revealed unless he stumps up the cash, but is it worth the price he has to pay? Never mind, he can forget all about it for now, as he chats with model turned presenter turned actor turned author turned therapist, Annabel Giles. They discuss teenage rebellion, accidentally becoming a model, behind the scenes at Band Aid, saucy Lady Di, how Annabel managed top avoid a Gotcha, Brightonians on Penny Farthings, eating kangaroo anus, losing everything and battling on. Rich attempts to get some free therapy but is beyond help it seems.SUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • 74. RHLSTP Book Club 74 - Bec Hill

    Book Club #74 - Horror Heights - A rare live Book Club coming to you from Tunbridge Wells, where we get to meet and chat to comedian Bec Hill about her brilliant stand up and meeting David Tennant AND talk about her fab series of books Horror Heights. What would happen if slime came to life? How difficult is it write a series of books that all take place on the same weekend, with different protagonists and interweaving story arcs? Was Round The Twist a big influence on the author and much more. Plus there’s emergency questions an unusual pouch to keep children’s teeth in. It’s a bit of a RHLSTP/ RHLSTP Book Club hybrid, but none the worse for it!Buy Bec’s books here RHLSTP tour continues
  • 10. RHLSTP 478 - Stuart Goldsmith

    #478 Surprise Postman - Richard is in Bath, but spent the night in Cheddar and is wondering about what the last few years of his life might hold for him. His guest is rival podcaster and stand-up, Stuart Goldsmith. They talk about Stuart’s brief acting career, whether Richard listens to The Comedians’ Comedian Podcast, why Stuart might need to go off for a wee at any moment (spoiler - he doesn’t), stand up tips, whether we’re all fucked because of climate change, how Stuart teaches business people resilience and a largely visual surprise for Richard to cap off a terrific chat about comedy and podcasting and how we’re all doomed.Watch Stu's ace show at the Soho Theatre - and see RHLSTP on tour THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 9. RHLSTP 477 - Rob Reiner

    #477 Magic Bullet - Here’s a bonus remote podcast (because we’re not doing enough at the moment) with superstar actor and director and now podcast documentary (if you will pocumentary) maker, Rob Reiner. With limited time, they discuss which of his films is the greatest of all time, what you need to make a perfect improvised movie, the first toilet flush on US Prime Time TV and appearing in the Batman TV series. But mostly they talk about Rob’s fascinating new podcast series “Who Killed JFK?” and the flimsiness of the official account of the assassination, why it means so much to Rob and why it’s important to get to the truth. Plus what it was like sharing a duplex with Albert Brooks and the moving story of remaking the Princess Bride with his dad, Carl.Listen to Who Killed JFK? here, or wherever you get your podcasts. RHLSTP on tour. It’s such fun. THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 73. RHLSTP Book Club 73 - Lou Sanders

    Book Club #73 - What's That Lady Doing? - It’s another live Book Club, this time recorded at the Leicester Square Theatre with comedian and ice skater Lou Sanders. They talk about why the time was right for Lou to detail the funny (and occasionally shocking and sad) escapades from her life, why it’s tricky to write about family and how to get the balance right, why shame is universal and needs to be embraced and accepted in order to move on, how most people are plagued by self-doubt even if they don’t look like they are, what Andi Peters did to deserve limited retribution, whether being touched inappropriately by a masseuse is cheating and whether there is more to the Universe than what we can see and if all of us believe in stuff that might not be real in order to get us through life.Buy Lou's book here - RHLSTP tour continues
  • 8. RHLSTP 476 - Peter Richardson

    #476 The Mike That Never Was - Richard is back in the witch-burning city of Exeter and this time his guest is Comic Strip Presents legend Peter Richardson. They talk about how Peter meet Nigel Planer and invented the character of Neil, the early days of the Comic Strip in Raymonds Revue Bar, why it was a good thing that he didn’t end up playing Mike in the Young Ones (though he might well be wrong about that), how he shocked Steve Martin, getting bottles of piss thrown at him by Heavy Metal fans at Donnington, his instrumental part in Stella Street and why the Comic Strip Presents about Boris Johnson never saw the light of day. Plus the lackadaisical attitudes to Health and Safety that saw him confronted by the police outside Buckingham Palace. An incredible delve into an amazing time for comedy! AND the Keith Allen question is posed.See RHLSTP on tour. It’s such fun. THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 65. Retro RHLSTP 65 - Peter Serafinowicz

    RETRO RHLSTP #65 - Brian Blessed and the Big FootIt’s the final episode of series 10 of RHLSTP and Rich meets a bearded man who has managed to find a partner (find out how he did it nerds). His guest is the laid-back and yet also intense (and rather beautiful) Peter Serafinowicz. They talk about how it’s almost impossible to parody the new President of the United States, but the effective way that Peter managed it and his fears and plans should there be repercussions from the thin-skinned bellend. Also lots of chats about the two Brian Bs (Blessed and Butterfield) and how a stellar cast does not always lead to a commission. Plus behind the scenes at Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation and the Pudsey the Dog movie. Incredibly Adam Sandler’s “The Cobbler” and the strange ego of Mr Tumble come up without Richard even mentioning them. SUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
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  • 72. RHLSTP Book Club 72 - Geoff Norcott

    Book Club #72 - The British Bloke, Decoded - Rich welcomes back comedian Geoff Norcott to talk about his new book about UK masculinity, The British Bloke, Decoded. Is it possible to generalise about a whole sex? And more importantly is it funny? Is size important (both penis and height in general)? Can you beat a chimp in hand to hand combat? Are women as deluded about their tennis skills as men? Why don’t men check their junk more regularly? Under what circumstances is it OK for men to cry? Rich is happy to hear a new (to him) euphemism for a scared penis and they discuss the surprising crossovers with Caitlin Moran’s latest book, which give Geoff a good idea for his next one.Geoff's Book is here - RHLSTP tour continues