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RHLSTP with Richard Herring

RHLSTP 30 - Dara O Briain

Season 4, Ep. 5

RHLSTP #30: Dara O Briain - Penis Sausage. Richard is stuffed to the gills with giant chocolate buttons and recounts the time he got lost in Buckingham Palace, and still is on the prowl for flies to murder. There is a beef with his guest, Dara O Briain, who still remembers the scathing review that Herring gave him in an online diary back in 1998. And there's more online comment as the pair discuss the sexual fantasies that comedy fans harbour on Dirty Britcom Confessions. There's also chat about how to cope with fatalities on aeroplanes, whether it was worth almost dying on the Zambezi to stop African children being able to play, the paradoxes of digit-based time travel and the truth about goose rescuing myths. And Dara has definitely seen a Bigfoot. If you take nothing else away from this podcast then let it be that.


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  • 13. RHLSTP 513 - Neil Hannon

    #513 Bashful Secrets - Richard has come to Dublin and with 900 people in the 3 Olympia it’s an incredible atmosphere! He discusses his Irish heritage and why Ireland should leave Europe! His guest is the man behind and in front of the Divine Comedy, Neil Hanlon. They chat about their authority figure dads, whether “My Lovely Horse” will be his enduring legacy, the Duckworth Lewis Method, Band Aid 20 and Midge Ure’s lack of imagination, what was in the wood shed, plus a toilet mishap when performing as a backing singer for Robbie WilliamsSee a live recording of RHLSTP - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 106. RHLSTP Book Club 106 - Stefan Stern

    Book Club #106 - Fair or Foul - The Lady Macbeth Guide to Ambition - Richard chats to journalist and friend Stefan Stern about his terrific book about the positives and negatives of ambition, Fair or Foul. What prompted him to tackle this subject? Why is the play Macbeth the perfect scaffolding for this discussion and what do people need for their ambitions to be considered a success. They chat about Boris Johnson, Elizabeth Holmes, the effect of lockdown and mortality on ambitions, why you need to set goals and why you need to be able to change those goals as you move along. Why do we lose ambition somewhat in middle age and is it just to do with our failure to achieve what we hoped to achieve and is ambition tied to mental illness or is that only the case if we are only out for ourselves.Buy the book here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 12. RHLSTP 512 - Nick Wilty

    #512 Veteran - Rich is back in Canterbury and has some great stuff about medieval archbishops that should play well on Live at the Apollo. His guest is veteran comedian and army veteran, Nick Wilty. He is a man with the most extraordinary life who has talked himself and others out of deadly situation. Amazing stories include convincing someone not to jump off a bridge before returning to the same spot in a different position the next year, having a gun in his face whilst hitchhiking, how he became an unlikely soldier, the incredible bad luck that led him to become a comedian, being arrested for flying a drone and how a chance encounter with the helicopter that he’d nearly died in led him to finally confront his past and do a stand up show about his experience in the FalklandsSee a live recording of RHLSTP - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 105. RHLSTP Book Club 105 - Rob and Neil Gibbons

    Book Club #105 - Alan Partridge Big Beacon - The time has come for the creator of Alan Partridge to meet the current writers of Alan Partridge, the Gibbons Brothers, who sadly don’t share a bunk bed, but have done amazing work over the last decade or so with the character. They discuss how they ended up with this lucrative gig, how not being obsessive Partridge fans helped them to reinvent the character somewhat, how writing as Alan involves turning off your imagination and going with the first idea, whether writing as siblings is easier than writing with a friend, choosing the right reference points for the audience and whether the creators of Partridge (especially Richard) have all turned into Alan PartridgeBuy the book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 11. RHLSTP 511 - Tony Gardner

    #511 What You On? - Richard is back in Colchester with possibly the greatest example of a local news story that there has ever been. His guest is doctor turned actor Tony Gardner. They chat about being bitten by an over enthusiastic zombie, the decision to go to Edinburgh that would change his life, how it became impossible to keep both his GP job and acting work going, his reluctance to do children’s TV, but how My Parents Are Aliens changed his life and led to a very impressive CV, as well as slight weirdness when out enjoying Glastonbury or filming sex scenes. And no, sorry, he isn’t the bloke who designed the Chucky doll.See Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 104. RHLSTP Book Club 104 - Marcus Chown

    Book Club #104 - A Crack In Everything - Richard talks to physicist and journalist Marcus Chown about this fascinating book about Black Holes and the people who discovered them, A Crack in Everything. Are Black Holes black and holes? Can we time travel if we go inside one? Why is the one at the centre of the Milky Way smaller than most and what repercussions does that have for us? The pair talk about how Einstein didn’t think black holes would exist, the tragic and difficult lives of many of the people who proved him wrong, how the female scientists roles in all this have been often overlooked, how Marcus was the first person to talk to some of the key players in detail and how he is able to write for a board audience without compromising the science. Also are we holograms?Buy Marcus' book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 10. RHLSTP 510 - Rob Brydon

    #510 McCartney Set List - Richard is still being played on by Scant Regard, but as this long tour progresses his stand up sections get mercifully shorter! His guest is the multi-talented Rob Brydon. They chat about how a birthday message to Margot Robbie led to a part in a potentially Oscar winning film (You’ll know if it won by now, but we poor fools in the past did not), how Brydon pretended to be ill to get out of a guest slot on Would I Lie To You? and how the show has become bulletproof, how America managed to get two series our of the book Green Eggs and Ham, the impressive and old school range of work that Rob undertakes, touring with an 8 piece band and whether it’s ever good when a comedian does serious songs and the disaster and triumph of Rob’s first meeting with Sir Paul McCartney. Plus why family comes first and whether legacy is as important as your kids having you around!See Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE