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Retro RHLSTP 79 - David Cross

Ep. 79

RETRO RHLSTP #79 - Away or Towards? - A weary Richard films the audience as evidence of dissent for the future fascist government of the UK, before introducing a man who comes with his own magical minor ticker tape parade, David Cross. Starstruck and clearly in disbelieving awe, Rich flounders around and mainly embarrasses himself, but luckily Mr Cross is able to come up with some amazing riffed comedy about frozen vegetables, Abraham and taking cocaine near President Obama, whilst getting a bit more serious about Donald Trump, the responsibilities of fatherhood, why Richard should probably not take hard drugs, the benefits of the middle-aged sketch show and David’s part in the creation of kickstarter.

Richard hoped that he would so impress David that they would become good friends and could appear in Doctor Doolittle 3 together as method-acted monkeys, but I think it’s safe to say that that will not happen. Cross put away an impressive amount of bitter during this podcast and still remains focused and coherent, but clearly needed the toilet near the end, which turns into a battle of the obstinately pedantic 1990s underrated sketch show stars.


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    Book Club #97 - How To Win An Information War - Richard talks to academic and journalist Peter Pomerantsev about his book about World War II propaganda (but also about propaganda today) How To Win An Information War. They chat about the remarkable life of the beautifully names Sefton Delmer and his part in creating a radio station that would counterbalance and undermine the propaganda of Goebbels and the German war effort, how hard core pornography played a part, the weird and wonderful ways that German soldiers were advised to fake illness, the amorality and immorality required to wage an information war, what all this has to teach us about today and how the world is being slow to catch up with the realities of the internet age and dark times that are yet to come. Is it possible to get out the cluster fuck of internet conspiracy theories and what can we learn from Delmer’s work? Plus what it’s like to marry a statue (sort of).Buy the book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -