RHLSTP with Richard Herring


Retro RHLSTP 34 - Sarah Millican

Ep. 34

#34 Why Won't You Tell Us Your Exact Address? - Rich has some surprising and life-changing news to share, but that doesn't mean that gloves (and pants if it's cold enough) aren't off for the annual sparring match with TV's Sarah Millican.

Who will win the flirtatious/offensive battle of wits this time. You'll find out why she appeared on TV without her underwear, why she kept her first husband's name and be asked to consider whether she was unreasonable when she refused to tell a journalist her exact address. And would her DVDs sell better if she included a free sample of her own excrement?

But you will learn more about Rich than his interviewee this week, because he was a bit tired and unable to control his mouth or brain. What does he have for breakfast on tour? Who was right and who was wrong during Cornetto-gate? Is money real or a meaningless abstract? And what happens if he ceases to be before he sees his own sexcrement?



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