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RHLSTP with Richard Herring

RHLSTP 257 - David Reed

Season 18, Ep. 23

#257 Glass Pyramid - Richard is back in York, this time at the Grand Opera House and he’s come up with a plan to rescue the magic football bones of Richard III from the thieving Leicester-folk. His guest is York City’s second most famous comedian supporter and food-poisoning victim, David Reed.

They talk about crap student impro, working with the Twirlywoos, living next door to your parents, why you shouldn’t eat at *****, whether rescuing Jesus from the cross would be good or bad for the world, playing a nervous Peter Cook and how many Herring hands you could fit in one Walliams hand. 


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  • 84. Retro RHLSTP 84 - Charlie Brooker

    RETRO RHLSTP #84 - Gulping Robot Toilets - Richard is hoping he will find his way into the Guinness Book of Records, but Norris Macwhirter is not answering his calls. His guest is making a return visit to RHLSTP after 7 and a half years (but will his hair reveal his success?) - it’s the amazing Charlie Brooker. The conversation is predictably dark and disgusting incorporating Charlie’s fury at a seven year old who makes an amazing living opening boxes, trying to introduce his kids to the Young Ones, what the best pinball machine is, whether having sex with your best friend via computer game is cheating, the complexity of writing a choose your own adventure TV show, being born with an umbilical cord around your neck and how you can kill sperm with urine. Plus the inevitability of nuclear war and whether all people over 45 need to die to save the world. It’s good.Come and see the new show on tour - THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • 97. RHLSTP Book Club 97 - Peter Pomerantsev

    Book Club #97 - How To Win An Information War - Richard talks to academic and journalist Peter Pomerantsev about his book about World War II propaganda (but also about propaganda today) How To Win An Information War. They chat about the remarkable life of the beautifully names Sefton Delmer and his part in creating a radio station that would counterbalance and undermine the propaganda of Goebbels and the German war effort, how hard core pornography played a part, the weird and wonderful ways that German soldiers were advised to fake illness, the amorality and immorality required to wage an information war, what all this has to teach us about today and how the world is being slow to catch up with the realities of the internet age and dark times that are yet to come. Is it possible to get out the cluster fuck of internet conspiracy theories and what can we learn from Delmer’s work? Plus what it’s like to marry a statue (sort of).Buy the book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 3. RHLSTP 503 - Katie Mulgrew

    #503 Heckling Ken Dodd - Richard returns to the Lowry Theatre in Salford for the first time in four years. Last time he was here he talked to Jimmy Cricket and this time he is talking to Jimmy’s daughter, the comedian, actor and playwright Katie Mulgrew. They talk about the horrors of birth and whether an Oscar winning actor could do it, being mistaken for the captain of Star Trek Voyager by a German, partying with Little and Large and the Roly-Polys, being followed around by everyone you’ve ever kissed, the mystery of adenoids, the arrogance of the playwright, whether Philippa McMoss might ever return to Corrie and what it’s like when your brother marries youSee Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 83. Retro RHLSTP 83 - Katy Wix

    RETRO RHLSTP #83 - Burned Bunting - Richard hits comedy gold and finds the person with the perfect job to riff about for as long as an hour if he wishes, but he doesn’t wish to, as he has the multi-talented comedian, writer and actor Katy Wix to chat with. They discuss clammy handshakes, horror car crashes, dragon-based misunderstandings, working with Dick and Dom, Princess Fergiana, Hattie Jacques, meeting Dire Straits, an 11-year-old girl’s pebble, the professionalism of the young and cruelty to tadpoles. And the audience decides on who should be invited on to the next series.Come and see the new show on tour - THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • 96. RHLSTP Book Club 96 - Helen Lederer

    Book Club #96 - Not That I'm Bitter - Richard talks to comedy legend Helen Lederer about her honest, hilarious and sad memoir, Not That I’m Bitter and the joy of hitting the middle, overcoming youthful ambition and envy, why she wanted to be candid about all aspects of her life and loves (which she definitely is), the difficulty of making it as a comedian, but with the extra difficulty of being a woman in a male dominated arena, but how too much success would have made this book impossible to write. Insecure, confident, fragile and strong - all the things that make a great comic.Buy the book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -
  • 2. RHLSTP 502 - Scott and Jemma Bennett

    #502 Divorce House Dirty Protest - Richard returns to Nottingham with some mind blowing research to prove which is the oldest pub in the city. His guests are husband and wife podcasters and performers Scott and Jemma Bennett. They discuss Scott’s monoball status and whether it should allow him into the club of real wombles, how Jemma felt when she discovered Scott’s deficiency, how Jemma literally edged her way into Scott’s lockdown performances from his shed and how that led to their hit podcast Brew With The Bennetts. Plus Richard’s tip for keeping marriages together based on a horror house viewing, the ukulele orchestra wars and what drew the couple to the city of Nottingham! Listen to Brew With the Bennett’s here Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 82. Retro RHLSTP 82 - Richard Osman

    RETRO RHLSTP #82 - Drifter Charger - Rich's daughter has made quite a radical life choice, but hopefully is a reincarnation of someone who will make the family a lot of money (if only we can prove it). This week it's a welcome return for one of the worst guests we've ever had on RHLSTP (and I am saying that because that's what he says about me on Pointless), it's the charmingly offensive giant, Richard Osman. Will Osman realise where he's gone wrong with his TV shows and finally commission Richard to write and sing the theme tune? Will Pointless ever take the money and head to Channel 4? What will Osman say about Rich's mum this time? Why can't chocolate manufacturer's put aside their differences? How big is a glass? Is it OK to propose to someone over Twitter? How many times can you lose on Pointless and still hold your head high? What do the Chinese think of Osman? Is it better to be single in your twenties or your forties? As you'd expect it's a wide-ranging chat and a delight from start to finish.Buy Osman's brilliant Christmas Book here: Herring's arguably more brilliant Christmas book here http://www.gofasterstripe.comSUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • 95. RHLSTP Book Club 95 - David Grann

    Book Club #95 - The Wager - Richard takes a Transatlantic call luckily in a time when it’s much easier to traverse the oceans, with David Grann the best-selling author and journalist, about his fantastic book The Wager - A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder. It’s an unbelievable and remarkable true story which has much to tell us about our history and the present day. David talks about what it’s like to work on a book that goes on to be an Oscar Nominated move, Killers of the Flower Moon and how he discovered the largely forgotten story of The Wager, the meticulous research required to create a book like this and how to deal with conflicting accounts of the same story. Also the surprisingly horrendous effect of scurvy, the difficulty of persuading men to become sailors at a time when death seemed almost inevitable, the class divisions and racism that made the crew of The Wager’s nightmare voyage even more nightmarish, how a cut off ear was the impetus for all of this madness and David’s slightly insane trip to visit Wager Island and why it was worthwhile. A really excellent chat about a highly recommended book.Buy the book here - the audiobook here - Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back -