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  • RHLSTP Book Club 65 - David Mitchell

    RHLSTP Book Club 65 - Unruly Richard chats with writer, comedian and actor David Mitchell about his funny and diverting book about English monarchs, Unruly. Are the royal family just the country’s most successful thugs? How did they convince people to believe in their divine right to rule? Why would they want the job anyway, when it results in so much misery? Is the White Ship tragedy the biggest Sliding Doors moment in English history or would the world (and Anne) have been been better if Anne Boleyn had been prepared to put out? What happened to Simon de Montford’s testicles and was that enough of a reason to name a University after him? And how did they remember the order of a rainbow before Richard of York and who was Richard of York anyway and might it have been Richard Herring? And why is there quite so much about James Bond in a book that finishes with the reign of Elizabeth I?SUPPORT THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 24. RHLSTP 468 - Sarah Millican

    #468 Seven- Nil - Richard is wondering about the profits made by the man (or maybe woman) who came up with the most delicious and ubiquitous flavour on earth. His guest, returning for a 7th shot at finally winning a podcast is the wonderful Sarah Millican. They discuss the romantic qualities of meat, who is best at the Chase and Taskmaster, how Sarah’s honesty about her life leads to amazing revelations from her audience, doing stand up in Vienna (and all over the world), whether Richard needs to get divorced to be a good comedian and why comedy about bodily functions is the most profound.See Sarah on tour and see RHLSTP on tour THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 62. Retro RHLSTP 62 - Maria Bamford

    RETRO RHLSTP #62 - Maria Bamford - Richard continues to be surprised by the difference of living in the country and surprises his neighbours with his specialised knowledge about genitalia, but is very excited to be welcoming American superstar comedian Maria Bamford. They talk about the difficulty of telling a joke to people who find out you're a comedian; how some people have no sense of humour; the difficulty of making love to music; how charity only has any value if it's in public; the power of unwanted thoughts; and turning the worst moments of your life into comedy. Also, how to deal with spousal arguments; the two words that hooked Maria's husband; and using your family for comedic purpose. Luckily Maria proves to be all you would hope and more. Hooray for that.SUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • 64. RHLSTP Book Club 64 - Jena Friedman

    RHLSTP Book Club 64 - Not Funny Not Funny Richard is joined by US stand up and writer Jena Friedman to chat about her essay collection about comedy, abortion, Me Too and more, Not Funny. Charmingly Jena’s nervous dog is in the room and then her baby son turns up and somehow Richard plays some music over the podcast, but there’s still time for some great chat about dead baby jokes, the kind of questions only female comedians get asked and the complex relationships in stand up, where there is no HR department.Buy Jena’s book here THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 23. RHLSTP 467 - Nigel Planer

    #467 The Great Vowel Shift - Richard is nursing a terrible injury and wondering why bad things happen to good people. His guest is actor, writer and character comedian Nigel Planer. They chat about the possibly flawed attempt to bring back a popular film franchise, the surprising (to the cast) endurance of a forty year old TV show, writing for Not The Nine O Clock News, the projects that have been in the works for a decade and are all coming to fruition now, writing a time travel novel and collaborating with (and envying) ex-Young One colleague Adrian Edmondson, regrets and what age it would be best to be Nigel Planer.Come and see RHLSTP on tour THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 63. RHLSTP Book Club 63 - Caitlin Moran

    RHLSTP Book Club 63 - What About Men? Richard talks to journalist and best-selling author Caitlin Moran about her attempt to answer the question asked by so many men - What About Men? What made her turn her attention to male problems after so much success in dealing with how to be a woman? Why aren’t men writing about this subject (cough cough, apart from me)? Are men screwed as hard by the patriarchy and women? And was she expecting the backlash - coming even before the book was published?Buy the book here - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE