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  • Bonus 20

  • 86. RHLSTP Book Club 86 - Cat Jarman

    Book Club #86 - The Bone Chests - Rich talks to bio-archaeologist and broadcaster Cat Jarman about her terrific book, The Bone Chests about the remains of a surprisingly number of medieval kings (and a queen) whose remains are in Winchester Cathedral. Why aren’t the people of Winchester making more of this, like the king-stealing thieves of Leicester? What happened to King Alfred and why did he choose to build a palace at Richard’s school? Why were the women of the period written out of history? What happened to the bones of those killed in major battles? Why are the things we know about kings of this period nearly all made up? Why did the early kings have such complicated names and not just call themselves something like Cnut which is easy to remember and why didn’t they think of historians who would be doing audio books and come up with monikers that would be easier to pronounce.Buy Cat’s book here (for example) and see RHLSTP on tour
  • 24. RHLSTP 492 - Davina McCall

    #492 Davinadroid - Richard has been frightened by a weeing Samurai and an apparently dead audience member, but he’s back for more RHLSTP, back a the LST and with a guest who is too good for this rubbish, the glorious Davina McCall. They discuss how she (eventually) beat a comedian to host God’s Gift, Street Mate on skis, how Davina is ultimately to blame for the destruction of the world, why Richard was one of the first to know about an historic moment in Big Brother, why sitcom was not for McCall, overcoming addiction to chase her dream, beating Salman Rushdie to book of the year, the best professional to be in a relationship with and a never before revealed royal secret.See RHLSTP on tour- Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE
  • 73. Retro RHLSTP 73 - Lucy Beaumont

    RETRO RHLSTP #73 - The Marx Brothers - Rich is back at Hull City Hall for his last RHLSTP recording of 2019 and he has had an accidental slip off the wagon. But does it count? His guest is Hull’s finest comedian and wonderful oddball, Lucy Beaumont. They discuss appearing on Crimewatch, being used as a crow stepping-stone, waking you to find biscuits on your head, becoming a cleaner at the place you went to University, getting drunk at the Hootenanny, collecting lost body parts in Harrods, the real size of Arnold Schwarzenegger, past life regressions, what Hullenzians put on their chips and why Hull is the best city in the world.SUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website details of the RHLSTP tour dates DVDs and Books at
  • Bonus 19

  • 85. RHLSTP Book Club 85 - Rosie Jones

    Book Club #85 - Emperor of Rome - Richard has been a dad for nine years and is trying to work out if he will have any life after the kids have left home (no he won’t). His guest is comedian, actor and children’s author Rosie Jones who talks about why she wanted to write a book with a disabled person at its centre, why she wishes Tiny Tim had died, the beautiful story line where Edie finds herself and begins to understand her sexuality, plus her new book about bullying Moving On Up. They also talk about trolls, Alison Hammond, the Royal Variety Performance, her new panel show Out of Order, being King Harold’s mother, the challenges of Trip Hazard and how the Hell she manages to fit so much stuff into her life.Buy Rosie’s books here and see RHLSTP on tour
  • 23. RHLSTP 491 - Lee Mack

    #491 Detached Semi - RHLSTP comes to Aldershot, the scene of one of Richard’s most dangerous ever gigs. But we’re all safely off the mean streets to welcome the incredible Lee Mack to Aldershot! They talk about keeping the Inside Number 9 secret, why the woodworking answer to the Bake Off was axed, the manufactured controversy at the NTAs, 100 episodes of Not Going Out and whether Lee is going for the Last of the Summer Wine record, why Lee did not become a darts superstar, which serial killer he’d like to play and why Richard is (presumably) worshipped as a God within the Mack household.See RHLSTP on tour- Rich's stand-up tour Can I Have My Ball Back - THE SHOW!Watch our TWITCH CHANNELSee extra content at our WEBSITE