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  • 4. Can we rewire our subconscious, which animates our daily decisions?

    In today's episode with Nour, we delve into a thought-provoking exploration of a crucial question: How do the first six years of our lives shape and influence our journey into adulthood? Nour takes us on a captivating journey through the early years, unraveling the natural development of the brain and shedding light on the deviations that can occur when this progression is disrupted.A pivotal moment arises when Hadeer poses the question: Can we rewire our subconscious, which orchestrates our daily decisions? Nour's response is an affirmative "yes!" This is where the discussion takes a fascinating turn towards the concept of emotional surgery. Nour shares her insights, guiding us to a space where forgotten aspects of ourselves reside, stating, "I take you to the place where you forgot yourself."For a deeper understanding of Nour's work and the intriguing concepts discussed in this episode, you can follow her on Instagram at @nouryoussef.official. Don't miss the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of early development and the potential for rewiring our subconscious for a more empowered adulthood.

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  • 3. Exploring Revere Montessori School in Dubai with Mafalda Coelho

    In this enlightening episode of "The Secret of Childhood" podcast, we delve into the profound concept of education as a help to life, exploring the visionary ideas of Maria Montessori. The episode passionately underscores Montessori's belief in an education for life, contrasting it with conventional models that often focus solely on academic development, sidelining the social, emotional, and holistic aspects of a child's growth. The discussion opens with an exploration of Maria Montessori's insight into education as an island where individuals are prepared for life by being temporarily excluded from it. This captivating metaphor sets the stage for a closer look at the Montessori approach and how it distinguishes itself from other educational models. Mafalda expertly navigates through the origins and principles of The Montessori Method, shedding light on its unique characteristics for various age groups. A focal point of the conversation revolves around the Children's House, a specially prepared environment for 3-6-year-olds. The host express the challenges of capturing the essence of this unique educational setting through words, urging listeners to experience it firsthand by booking a school tour at Revere Montessori School. The episode takes a heartfelt turn as Montessori's timeless quote from 1914 is revisited: "I did not invent a method of education. I simply gave some children a chance to live." This powerful statement encapsulates the essence of why Montessori education is so impactful, offering children not just an education but a chance to truly live and thrive. In closing, the host extends an invitation to attend a workshop hosted by Mafalda, providing an opportunity for further exploration into the Montessori Method.
  • 2. Let’s Drop Back Into Our Bodies

    On this episode of the Secret of Childhood Charlotte starts by addressing a fundamental question: What is Montessori? She beautifully articulates it as a pathway to peace. Montessori is not just an educational method but a way of understanding ourselves, our children, and the child within us.Delving deeper shares with us her “Embodied Parenting” Program which focuses on feeling and thinking with our bodies rather than just our minds because body never lies! Charlotte suggests that this deep connection to oneself prevents harm and unkindness to others because it allows individuals to recognize the divinity in each other.As the episode nears its conclusion, Charlotte leaves us with a thought-provoking piece of wisdom—a question that lingers in the air like a gentle whisper, inviting introspection. She prompts us to reflect on the profound notion that every facet of our lives, from family to community, school to personal connections, is akin to weaving something meaningful. What are you going to weave? Are you weaving compassion, understanding, and kindness?
  • 1. Our Children Are Teaching Us More Than We Are Teaching Them

    Spoiler alert: Your child's tiredness isn't a lack of strength but a sneaky side effect of city life! In this heartwarming episode, Aisha Amer gets real about her journey to reconnect with her authentic self through simple, joyful interactions with her kids.Aisha, whose childhood was immersed in the wonders of nature and its abundant experiences, is on a mission to revive that enchantment in the heart of Dubai with her upcoming venture, the 'Littlest Farm.'But the conversation doesn't stop there! We dive into a discussion about the pivotal role of art, emphasizing the significance of the process over the final product in childhood learning.Tune in for a raw conversation that proves you don't need a magic wand to rediscover your inner child – just a willingness to engage with the little ones around you. Sometimes, the most profound lessons come from the smallest voices.For more information and enrolment details visit our website
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