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Revenue Accelerator with Cory Carter and Ron Cool

Season 2021, Ep. 916

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Cory Carter and Ron Cool. They are the Founders of Hindsight Hacking Media, an interactive + engagement agency that guides and nurture companies to help them focus on impacting the world around them. Cory and Ron go both ways regarding what they do with podcasting. And today, they will share how you can have success with podcasting.

What people don’t know about podcasting


People don’t realize that they think they will have listeners when they launch a podcast right away. If you can launch the best proper way, hit the charts, get the algorithms working in your favor, that can have the long-term effect for a successful podcast. Many podcasters also lack consistency, which is the first way a podcast could fail. People are hung up on the “perfect” mentality even before the podcast starts.

Differentiating Different platforms


If you do a Facebook Live, download it. Do any edits you want, put an intro and an outro on it, and put it on iTunes. And then the same thing with the YouTube, put some graphics on it and set the right thumbnail. So you have your how to have what you’re talking about, the little caption, and put it on YouTube. Remember that a podcast must be everywhere as much as possible.

Importance of an Intro and an Outro


People react to things in different ways. Learning enables you to hit them in various aspects, and you’re meeting your listener where they want to be met. An intro and an outro is a commercial about the show and your product, and it’s a call to action to go check out your stuff after they’ve listened to it.

Podcasting Strategies that WORK


Most businesses are built on relationships, whether one-to-one or one-to-many. Cory and Ron’s main revenue stream with podcasting is their direct relationship with guests, and having guests on their shows lets them build relationships.

Repurposing and Recasting Content


Repurposing content is getting tidbits or things out to people that will truly benefit them to get them unstuck or move forward. And a recast is no different, which allows you to talk about things differently than other podcasters would. So it’s a great way to keep you as a subject matter expert.

Just Be Real


Wherever the conversation goes, just be real and don’t try to add the fluff. Just have some fun in the real conversation. And if you’re interviewing people, just have fun with the conversations with your guests. If any of those guests get off track, reel them back in to keep it away from stuff that’s not as important for your show.

Getting your Voice Heard


Start getting your voice out there. Find a way to repurpose, so if you’re already doing a consistent Facebook Live, find a way to repurpose it. There’s a way to make it, so you go all the places with that content. Get that message out there. You don’t have to have the big studio setup. You can do it at a low cost. So just then, get your message out there


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Revenue Accelerator with Christine McAlister

Season 2022, Ep. 310
In this episode, our guest is the Queen of Podcast Guesting, Christine McAlister. Christine is a media coach and strategist, passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs attract their next-level clients by being value-driven podcast guests. She’s generated six figures for herself and has helped people do the same for themselves. She is recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by seven-figure founders like John Lee Dumas and Dana Wilde. Today, Christine will talk about podcast guesting, how to start a podcast, and how you can monetize your podcast and connect with people.Christine’s Purpose[01:55]Christine tends to attract people who are very heart-centered and mission-driven. She loves to do the work where she helps people own their greatness. Her business is in honor of her late daughter. Christine’s working on a mission to elevate consciousness by helping important voices become heard.Podcast Guesting[03:55]Christine says that no one likes being used. Being a podcast guest is about understanding your story, which not only empowers you. The host wants to create a relationship with you, which facilitates opportunities.How Podcasting Connects People[09:58]Christine finds that when it is an energetic personality fit, people become huge cheerleaders for each other. People will bring you into their masterminds or each other’s high-level programs. She thinks it is because they do not offer that service. Many people get invited into exclusive masterminds that are not advertised anywhere. They get invited if they are a perfect fit or have what they need from each other.Vulnerability[17:58]What Christine finds fascinating is that even people earning more than her are often reluctant to share vulnerably. In her case, Christine decided to start her business for the reason that requires vulnerability. People buy from people they want to be in the room. You just need to connect with people. Podcasting is a leveraged way to do it. But one should look at the main pillars for the person who wants to guest in a podcast.Create Tangible Offers[21:43]You want to offer one thing that is very tangible to the guest. You must offer one clear, free call to action at the end of each episode that created podcast offers alignment. One that makes some sense between the conversation.Connecting with a Podcast Guest from the Internet[24:35]A guest is essentially still a stranger on the internet to the audience. The psychological safety required with a stranger on the internet is like getting a first tattoo. But in that moment of your first tattoo, you will have this perception of being on a pedestal because the guest was on a podcast. If you allow the audience to create to access something that they want that doesn’t require getting over fear and that allows them to dip their toe in rather than like those skinny dipping with you, then you’re creating a much wider net because the number of people who will take you up on that.Checklist for High-Achievers[30:55]Christine’s checklist is a podcast testing checklist. It is meant to summarize and give you everything that you need to know about podcasting. You can simply grab it for free at more about Christine McAlister:

Revenue Accelerator with Donna Ashton

Season 2022, Ep. 302
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Donna Ashton. She is an expert when it comes to online courses. Working for over 12 years in the field, she has encountered and helped various entrepreneurs and CEOs through her programs, and she was able to help them be successful. In this episode, Donna shares some tips on how to handle your clients and how to create a course or program for them.Working in a Leverage Space[01:30]There will be a time that you’ll need to change your strategies after hitting your initial goals. Donna helps her clients to expand even more from what they’ve already achieved by establishing a more leveraged program and model. Business will be studied to determine what strategies are working and what should be done to improve for better results.How Donna Helps to Get Better Results[04:11]Donna offers a premium course, which is a hybrid program that is a combination of modules and coaching. Clients will read and study the modules and contact her for concerns and clarifications.[07:39]Most people get into business because they want to work at their own time and convenience. They want to have freedom and be their own boss. Donna teaches her clients to bring work and life balance in their lives.[11:40]Donna incorporates the issues that her clients face into her content. This guarantees that she can provide a solution and assist her clients.Undoing the Perpetual Hustling Modality[14:10]The transition from working corporate to establishing a business makes you think that you are still required to work for at least 8 hours. In reality, you don’t have to work that hard, especially if you’re already done with the things you have to work on. According to Donna, the pandemic may have possibly helped them realize that a 1 hour meeting can just be done within 20 minutes.Working Goals[19:39]Instead of just focusing on the sales, you must also focus on how you can solve your clients' problems. Focus on bringing results to them. If you’re helping people to get results, this will reflect positively on you and may lead to getting better sales.Indicators to Revamp and Create a New Course[22:48]It is important to have an established business. In doing courses or programs, you can update your course from time to time. This ensures that the lessons are still useful to the clients, and this helps the clients be updated on what they should do next.Conclusion[27:03]You must try and update everything first before deciding to throw it all away and start from scratch in your business. You should also do group engagement sometimes as it helps get some insights from various people.Get a free Simplify & Scale Template from Donna Ashton here:

Revenue Accelerator with Samantha Riley

Season 2022, Ep. 217
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Samantha Riley. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and host of the Influence by Design podcast. Samantha has judged the Stevie Awards and has built various businesses over the last two decades, including her first seven-figure business. Samantha collaborates with specialists to help people create their enterprises in a way that is indeed linked with living their life by design, Today, she talks about her techniques that are effectively helping clients achieve success in personal and business ventures.Relationships in Life by Design[01:44]The importance of relationships in achieving success cannot be overstated. We have business in our lives all of the time, and we need to be surrounded by the right people; we need an inner circle, collaboration partners, and the same in our personal lives. We need an internal group that is always there for us.The Guest[06:31]Samantha ran a dancing studio for 20 years while running retail establishments and raising three children. Running three different brick-and-mortar enterprises, two of which would operate during the day and one would work at night. She realized she had reached a point where she appeared to have lost everything.The Keep Principle[13:18]The keep notion is broken into four distinct portions, which become apparent when mentally dumping everything onto paper. Knowledge comes first, then skill, experience, and lastly, excitement. These may not appear to be business-related, but they are since they contain multiple stories, metaphors, and lessons.Perfect Timing[15:47]Samantha proposes selecting the optimal period for your company's life cycle, similar to childbirth. While many individuals like to work from the bottom up, she has discovered that this takes significantly longer since you require more structured business training when you have lesser sales.Critical Factors for an Effective Online Course[18:09] For an online course to be highly effective, three elements must be present: Your content or the course component; Your coaching section, which is your Q and A; A community, which may be Facebook groups or workshops.Iteration[21:41]Samantha prefers a monthly recurring income model in which customers come in, and she coaches them through each iteration of the course in real-time. That is the brand-new content that will be included in the course.Live Recordings[24:16]Samantha loves recording live modules for several reasons: Recording on your own and uploading a video does not provide real-time feedback. When people ask questions during the conversation, the information is included in the recordings, which helps the viewer grasp a subject better when they hear it from someone else.Indications for Change[28:08]Feeling stale, depleted, as if your business is a slog, or if you're beginning to dislike your clientele, are indicators that something has to change and change quickly. That means digging inward and determining what you're missing from the business to fill your cup and have an overflow so you can return to giving and serving your clients.Nuggets of Wisdom[30:17]When we are out of equilibrium, our bodies communicate. Pay attention to your body's signals since this will help you get into that "what's going on here?" feeling.