EPI 042 | Marc J. Ritorto

Author of The Cabal, Marcus The Vampire: The Dark World Chronicles and host of Marc The Shark MMA Show, Marc J. Ritorto, reveals himself!

Marc's passion for writing actually was sparked late in his life as a way of coping with an injury and inspiration sparked by someone close to him. Before then, this father of four daughters, musician, podcaster and a martial artist exercised this mixture of activity to lead an enriching life.

Also on the show:

  • OPEN THE WAY talks about his time growing up in New Jersey and his podcast, Marc The Shark MMA Show.
  • BRIDGE TO PROSPERITY discusses The Cabal and the purpose/process which led to the creation.
  • Marc talks about what draws him to the power of vampires in BEHIND THE PURPOSE.
  • BRING TO LIGHT uncovers the inspiration as to why he writes today.

You can find Marc on these various social media platforms:

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