EPI 039 | Michel Roy

Host/writer of Course Correction ... presented by Between Us Girls and CEO of Creative AF, Michel Roy, reveals herself!

She is a force of nature coming from a Houston suburb. Planning her way into entrepreneurship, Michel is on an endless journey to discover herself. She talks about now finally enjoying the process it takes to get there.

Also on the show:

  • Michel OPENS THE WAY in discussing the impact of her late father and growing up in a Houston suburb.
  • BRIDGE TO PROSPERITY takes us through her spiritual discovery and single motherhood.
  • BEHIND THE PURPOSE discusses 'Between Us Girls' and the lessons learned from the show.
  • Michel talks about the purpose of Creative AF, her lessons in internal struggle and -- Johnny Carson? -- in BRING TO LIGHT.

You can find Michel on these various social media platforms:

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All music by - LAKEY INSPIRED

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