EPI 037 | Karl Forehand

Author of the book, Apparent Faith, and life coach/counselor of Karl's Coaching, Karl Forehand, reveals himself!

Hear the story of how a Midwestern man grew up in his faith, his journey through life ... and fatherhood. Karl's diversified life prepared him for the ultimate journey he has recently chronicled in his book.

Also on the show:

  • OPEN THE WAY focuses on his Oklahoma roots and his time of working for the late H. Ross Perot.
  • Karl mentions how human resources and computer technology prepared him for ministry in BRIDGE TO PROSPERITY.
  • BEHIND THE PURPOSE mentions Karl's raw, unflinching and loving account of being a pastor of many churches.
  • And BRING TO LIGHT talks about faith mirroring parenthood - and a touching story is illuminated.

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Recording artist, Kiara Craft, record producer, Justin Craft, entrepreneurs and co-hosts of the podcast Date Night with the Crafts, reveal themselves.Marriage is not easy, but these two sure do make it fun. They talk about how to be themselves in a relationship, to get the right person for you ... and express it through music and speaking.Also on the show:OPEN THE WAY talks about keeping a city weird and being reared in single parent households (for the most part).BRIDGE TO PROSPERITY delves into how they met, Kiara's natural singing ability and Justin writing music on many different platforms..BEHIND THE PURPOSE takes a look at Kiara's two LPs and the difference between being under a major label vs. a independent company.We BRING TO LIGHT the podcast Date Night with the Crafts..You can find the Crafts on these various social media platforms:Date Night with the Crafts Podcast - Date Night with the Crafts Facebook - Night with the Crafts Instagram - Night with the Crafts Twitter - Night with the Crafts YouTube - Music Group Facebook - Craft Website - Craft Music - your T-Shirt @ The Christian T-Shirt Company today!All music by -LAKEY INSPIRED