EPI 036 | Engel Jones

Serial entrepreneur and host of 12 Minute Convos, Engel Jones, reveals himself!

This Caribbean-tinged ambassador shows the way as to the importance of connecting with so many different people. Family, Christianity and hard work are at the center of this man - and he wears it proudly.

Also on the show:

  • Engel talks about the easygoing feel of 'The islands' in OPEN THE WAY.
  • BRIDGE TO PROSPERITY goes into his love for, and creative style of, music.
  • In BEHIND THE PURPOSE, Engel enlightens us on the many different businesses he started .. and runs.
  • We BRING TO LIGHT the journey to 12 Minute Convos, goal-setting, and the importance of Jesus in Engel's life.

You can find Engel on these various social media platforms:

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All music by - LAKEY INSPIRED

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