EPI 018 | Joe Pardo

Business consultant, the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast and MAPCON and The Business Podcast featuring Super Joe Pardo, Joe Pardo reveals himself. He discusses how he gave up a family business for something greater, life in South Jersey and the success of MAPCON, the podcast conference based out of the Philadelphia area. He also reveals:

  • The beauty of living in the Philadelphia metropolitan area
  • Joe's love affaitr with DJing
  • The disccussion of the name 'Super' Joe Pardo
  • The genesis of a new podcast focusing on business

You can follow Joe on the following social media platforms:

Joe's Website -

Joe's Podcast - The Business Podcast ...

Joe's Facebook Page - Super Joe Pardo

Joe's Twitter - @SuperJoePardo

Joe's Instagram - @superjoepardo

Joe's Linkedin - Joe Pardo

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