Two friends from completely different spheres of geekery unleash their favourite television shows from the 1960s-1980s on each other.

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Heather was born in the North of England, not too far from Liverpool, about three and a half centuries ago. She puts her youthful looks down to pizza, cartoons and laughing at rude jokes. Her interests include falling in love several times a day, generalised misanthropy, and singing passionately yet tunelessly along to the radio every time she's in charge of a vehicle. She also occasionally talks about herself in the third person.


Adam was carved from an old tree stump in rural Lincolnshire, some time in the mid-1970s. Like everyone of his generation, he grew up avoiding quicksand, as well as watching murky hand-animated TV shows involving spooky puppets. While all the other children were listening to Spandau Ballet, Adam had Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on hard rotation, and that remains true to this day. His favourite thing about the modern world is bright blue bubblegum-flavoured ice cream. His biggest regret is never trying his hand against the Vortex.