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Will the Ocean Science Decade help make our oceans healthy again?

Season 2, Ep. 3

The ocean has gone from infinite, wild and thriving to finite, fragile and full of garbage. It feeds us, generates most of the air we breathe, helps to regulate our climate, provides treatments for disease and represents a new economic frontier. But we have limited time to get people to pay attention, anticipate change, prepare for surprise and act for a more sustainable ocean future. This is why the UN has introduced a Decade of Ocean science for a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to strengthen the management of our ocean. But will it actually work?

In this episode, Andrew Merrie talks to Helen Ågren, Ambassador for the Ocean for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Guillermo Ortuño-Crespo, a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and one the leaders behind the UN Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professional Initiative.

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