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  • 9. AI in the Courtroom: A Judge's Thoughts on LLMs & Legal Interpretation

    Join us as we explore a landmark legal case that delves into the world of large language models (LLMs) and their potential use in legal interpretation. Discover a judge's thought-provoking "thought experiment" about how LLMs could assist judges and lawyers in understanding legal texts. Prepare for a nuanced discussion on the benefits and challenges of AI in the legal system!

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  • 1. Changing Behavior: It's Not Just About Willpower

    Dive into the complex factors that influence our behaviour and learn about the most effective interventions for positive change. From individual skills and attitudes to social structures and policy, discover how we can create environments that support healthy choices.
  • 8. Revamping Legal AI: A Journey Through Participatory Design

    Dive into the world of legal AI design with a look at "An Uncommon Task: Participatory Design in Legal AI." Discover how a unique collaboration between lawyers and computer scientists from 2006 to 2011 led to advances in document review and set the stage for today's AI innovations in the legal field.
  • 7. The Challenges of Digital Transformation in Law Firms

    In this episode, we dive into a fascinating 2023 research paper that explores the difficulties law firms face in embracing digital transformation. We uncover the concept of "organizational ambidexterity" and examine why law firms struggle to balance their traditional practices with new digital opportunities. Join us as we explore the cultural and structural barriers hindering innovation in the legal industry.
  • 6. Dancing with the AI Devil: Lawyers and AI

    This episode delves into the fascinating relationship between lawyers and AI, exploring how lawyers are adapting to using AI-powered systems and the unexpected changes they're experiencing in their work practices. We uncover the "dance" between human and machine, and explore the implications of these evolving dynamics for the legal field.
  • 5. Lawyers Are Embracing Legal Tech

    This episode delves into how lawyers are using legal tech to create new services and businesses. We look at three specific projects in Belgium and discuss what makes them unique, and how they challenge traditional legal models.
  • 4. Fear of Missing Out: How Legal Professionals Prioritize Recall in AI Systems

    Legal professionals are highly risk-averse, so they prefer AI systems that prioritize recall over precision, even if that means they're exposed to more noise. We explore why this preference is so important, and what it means for the future of legal tech.