Jello Biafra's Renegade Roundtable


Gino Jevdević of Kultur Shock - part 1

Season 1, Ep. 11

From Eugene Hutz’ tales of war in Ukraine, now brace yourself for this next guest. Meet fellow Gypsy Punk wildman Gino Jevdevic, who spent 3 years trapped in the actual war in Bosnia, as shelling and snipers raged all around him in Sarajevo. They discuss growing up communist in the former Yugoslavia, the fight for freedom, and how Gino became, “the Peter Gabriel of Bosnia!” 

From Gino himself:

"I am self proclaimed War profiter because, then while running between the shells, I realized that i can die any second, and i still did not do what I like and that I lived my life for others and played the music that i did not like. Since then I sing every song like it's my last one like I have five minutes left, 5 minutes to sing"

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