Jello Biafra's Renegade Roundtable


Gino Jevdević of Kultur Shock - part 2

Season 1, Ep. 12

Former Pop Star turned war refugee Gino Jevdević goes deeper into his powerful story of surviving the Balkan war, PTSD; and finally escaping the violence, landing eventually in Seattle. 

Hear how Gino, having lost everything, chose to completely reinvent himself as a much fiercer beast, the rise of Kultur Shock, and the friends and comrades he has lost over the years. 

From Gino himself:

"I am self proclaimed War profiter because, then while running between the shells, I realized that i can die any second, and i still did not do what I like and that I lived my life for others and played the music that i did not like. Since then I sing every song like it's my last one like I have five minutes left, 5 minutes to sing"

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