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Preplan for the Holiday Season

Ep. 163

More often than not, the holidays are a hectic time. Between shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating, and seeing friends and family, it can all be a lot to manage. Staying on top of diets and staying away from over-indulging can be difficult, and can seem impossible. This is why preparation is key.

We often think of preparing for the holidays in terms of deciding what meals to cook or strategizing on where to spend them, but it’s equally as important to mentally prepare for them. In this solo episode, I guide you through how to navigate this holiday season in a way that isn’t overwhelming, emotionally charged, or stressful. I offer helpful tips on how to plan and provide insight into why it’s important to do so.

Tune in to Episode 163 of REJUVENAGING® and plan for a peaceful holiday season. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important to plan for the holidays (2:12)
  • What I  mean by ‘planning’ for the holidays (3:08)
  • The main thing I recommend for planning for the holidays (3:52)
  • How to build safeguards around planning for the holidays (5:01)
  • How to try and change major behaviors during the holidays (8:59)

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