Reimagine Success

Hey! We are Melissa LeEllen and Jesse Biondi and we have decided to start a podcast! Through our vast experiences, we have been fortunate enough to experience many successes. However, it’s not always what you think. We want to reimagine success and what it means to be successful with you. Success comes in many forms, yet everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses. We want to reimagine and reveal your success! #reimaginesuccess #podcast #success #reimagine #motivation #inspiration #husbandandwifeteam #reimaginesuccesspodcast

Melissa LeEllen

Melissa LeEllen is a all around creative type. She has been behind the camera and in front of the camera for film and television. Her bravest show was Discovery Channels, Naked and Afraid where she dealt with torrential down pours, hunger and a negative partner. But she overcame all her obstacles and proved that it really is mind over matter. Melissa has owned her own business since 2009 and always improving and growing herself. Now her and her husband are co-hosting their own podcast together, Reimagine Success!

Jesse Biondi

Jesse Biondi is a lifelong musician who has always enjoyed podcasts. He has travelled the US playing music and has a passion for motivating people and seeing positive changes come to people's lives.