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The Rehabilitation Counselling Podcast

Jo Muirhead

Season 1, Ep. 10

Pep speaks with Jo Muirhead, a purpose-driven connector, inspiring and innovating to help people find their calling. She's an author, writing 'The Entrepreneurial Clinician' and creating & 'The Book of Evidence'. As CEO of PurpleCo, she leads a team of specialists dedicated to restoring lives after injury, illness, and trauma through work. With a degree in Rehabilitation Counselling, Jo believes in the power of meaningful employment for everyone, including health professionals in private practice. She's an international coach, mentor, consultant, and speaker. Jo is founder and CEO of PurpleCo - a team of specialist allied health consultants dedicated to helping people who experience injury illness and trauma reclaim their lives through work.

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  • 1. Dr. Roxanna Pebdani

    Pep speaks with Dr. Roxy Pebdani, a US-qualified Rehabilitation Counsellor and Rehabilitation Counselling educator and an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. Her research is in sex, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health for people with disability. She also looks at the intersection of disability and other minioritized identities, and how to teach future professionals to work towards being more culturally safe practitioners.
  • 9. Brody Kleinschafer

    Pep talks with Brisbane-based Rehabilitation Counsellor, Brody Kleinshafer. Brody is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor with Spinal Life Australia, providing early intervention vocational rehabilitation services as part of Spinal Life's Back2Work project embedded within the Princess Alexandria Hospital. Brody shares his experience in early intervention vocational rehabilitation to clients with spinal cord damage, working in occupational rehabilitation within Queensland’s workers compensation scheme, and his journey to becoming a Rehabilitation Counsellor.
  • 8. Anna Holder-Greaves

    Pep talks with Sunshine Coast Rehabilitation Counsellor, Anna Holder-Greaves. Anna is the Principal Rehabilitation Counsellor at Sunshine Occupational Health, and an RCAA director. Anna talks about her passions which are workplace wellbeing, injury prevention and working with clients with complex and/or catastrophic injuries.
  • 6. Dr. Timothy Warton

    Pep speaks with Sydney-based Rehabilitation Counsellor, Social Worker, and Criminologist Dr. Timothy Warton, Senior Manager Practice and Implementation at Youth Justice NSW, about his experiences working with justice-affected young people and young adults particularly those who are users of domestic and family violence and harmful sexualised behaviours. Language Warning.
  • 7. Dani McGlone

    Pep speaks with Sunshine-Coast (and South East Queensland) based Rehabilitation Counsellor Dani McGlone, Principal Rehabilitation Counsellor/Director at Inclusion Rehab and Disability. Dani shares her experiences and wisdom working as a professional rehabilitation counselling practitioner in specialising in neuro-vocational rehabilitation and case management.
  • 5. Leanne Watts

    Pep speaks with Rehabilitation Counsellor Leanne Watts from Inclusion at Heart ( her experiences working as a professional rehabilitation counselling practitioner in private practice.
  • 4. Dr. Christine Randall

    Pep speaks with Queensland-based Rehabilitation Counsellor and RCAA President Dr. Christine Randall about her experiences working as a professional rehabilitation counselling practitioner, researcher, and academic.
  • 3. Davina Malycha & Amelia Maccallum

    Pep speaks with Sydney-based Rehabilitation Counsellors Davina Malycha and Amelia Maccallum about their experiences working as RCs across psychological injury rehabilitation and the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) sector.