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Regrets of the Dying


Katie Scarbrough died at the age of 32. Here, we bring to life the blog she wrote as the wife and mother of two battled terminal bowel cancer.

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  • Simon

    48-year-old Guardian journalist Simon Ricketts talks about having terminal cancer – and no regrets. An uplifting end to the series.
  • Carenza

    Carenza Hayhoe was Britain's first female Navy hospital chaplain. Here, she remembers the many cases of regret she’s witnessed, and contemplates whether it’s possible to have none.
  • Ian

    Ian Berry is an award-wining Magnum photojournalist. Now 82, he reflects on his life, regrets, and the morality of taking the picture vs helping.
  • Jo

    Jo was only 27 when she tested positive for FTD, a rare early onset dementia that will eventually rob her of the ability to eat, talk, stand, and swallow. Now 32, she reflects on her life, and the things she wished she had done differently.
  • Anonymous

    An anonymous parent's heart-breaking regret about not visiting their son when he was critically ill.
  • Mike

    Mike Lambrix has been on Florida’s death row for 34 years. Convicted of double-murder, he’s been scheduled to die three times, with a fourth execution date expected soon. Here he tells us what it feels like waiting, the regrets he holds, and what happened on that late night in Glades County. Based on years of letters, written and read by Lambrix, and recorded on location in Florida State Prison.
  • Heather

    In 2000, Heather Pratten helped her son commit suicide. Now 80 years old, she relives what led up to that life-changing decision and the regrets she still holds.
  • Trailer

    An introduction to the podcast. Features clips from all 8 epsiodes, and Georgina Scull's personal motivation for making it.