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How to Manage Data Gaps in ESG Reporting? X4 Expert Opinion Roundtable

Season 2, Ep. 15

Explore the special “ESG roundtable” episode: we have met with 4 experts - from SASB, Cornerstone Capital Group, Ceres, and Bloomberg - to talk about the most challenging part of ESG: managing data gaps. From sustainability reporting issues and translating ESG into financial value, to the role of AI and making data-driven investment decisions, we have gathered actionable insights on the most burning topics. 

Recorded at the GreenFin Summit 2020 in Phoenix, AZ

Guest speakers:

  • Katie Schmitz Eulitt - Director of Investor Outreach, SASB
  • Mindy Lubber - CEO & President at Ceres
  • Erika Karp - Found and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Inc.
  • Emily Chasan - Sustainable Finance Editor at Bloomberg Green

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