Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives Podcast


Climate Risk: Can We Expect Premium Pricing for Safer Real Estate and Mortgage Bonds?

Season 2, Ep. 14

What the latest acquisitions of geospatial analysis companies mean for the real estate market? Can we expect premium pricing for safer real estate and mortgage bonds in the nearest months? How to respond, and what are the underlying opportunities? Hear from Jeff Gitterman, the Co-founder of Gitterman Wealth Management, that focuses on sustainability and ESG.

Guest Speaker - Jeff Gitterman, Co-Founding Partner and creator of Sustainable, Impact, and ESG Investing Services at Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC

Asses the risks – and opportunities – posed by companies’ performance in critical areas such as climate change, executive remuneration, and diversity & inclusion with ESG data by Refinitiv, which covers nearly 70% of global market cap and over 400 metrics -

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