Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives Podcast


2020 Guide to ESG Compliance & CCPA overview - with Tom Fox & Charmian Simmons

Season 2, Ep. 11

What’s changing in the space of business compliance, and what’s the role of the ESG component? Learn from Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and the founder of the Compliance Podcast Network, as he lists the best practices for avoiding the reputational risk and newly introduced fines. What’s coming in the nearest future, what are the best tools for compliance officers and which are the 3 key items to set the game in 2020? Hit “play” to find out! + hear from Charmian Simmons she gives an in-depth overview of CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

Tom Fox - Compliance Evangelist, Founder of the Compliance Podcast Network

Charmian Simmons - Performance Director at Refinitiv, Business Development Risk Expert

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