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s02e05 - Another Kind of Identity

Season 2, Ep. 5

In which Andrew explores the "Identity" in "Identity Politics" and the social groups by which we identify ourselves.

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  • 29. 29 - City Living

    Photo Credit Andrew LavinQuill Kukla's book City Living: How Urban Spaces and Urban Dwellers Make One AnotherReductio on Patreon Throw us a buck!Link for Sharing
  • 28. 28 - Climate Protests

    Here is The Philosopher and the News. Check them out! They have some really insightful discussions on timely topics.Here is our Patreon if you want to drop us a buck a month to help keep the lights on.William Scheuerman's Paper: Political Disobedience in the Climate EmergencyA link to this episode for sharing:
  • Spring 2023 Update

    A little update on my life and the branching possible futures for Reductio. Thank you for your continued support and listening!
  • 16. M16 - Are All Lives Equal?

    A conversation with Carneades of about the new book he has released: Are All Lives Equal? Why Cost Benefit Analysis Values Rich Lives More and How Philosophy Can Fix It.Enjoy the conversation!Episode Link for Sharing:
  • 15. M15 - Ubuntu and the Good Life

    Thaddeus Metz schools us on Ubuntu Ethics and the Good Life. A more interview-driven monad rather than something highly narrated.Thaddeus Metz
  • 15. M14 - Why It's Okay to Love Bad Movies

    a talk by Matt Strohl with comments by Nick Riggle. Thanks to the Humanities Center at the University of Montana!Matt's Book:Why It's Okay to Love Bad Movies
  • 14. M14 - Soul Sleep

    In which Helen De Cruz reads her short story "Soul Sleep". Enjoy!Hi Phi Nation's "The Wishes of the Dead"De Cruz's new book: Philosophy IllustratedPlease Support us on Patreon!Episode Link for sharing:
  • 13. M13 - More about Personal Identity

    Andrew talks with Rev. Ben Colahan about themes from s02e04 Who Are You? If you haven't already, listen to that episode before this one. Here's a link: Link for Sharing: on Patreon:Patreon | Reductio is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonRate and Review us Please!‎Reductio: Adventures in Ideas on Apple PodcastsReductio on Spotify