I Paid 6 Writers On Fiverr To Make A *FAKE* r/EntitledParents Story

Ep. 317

I paid 6 creative writers to write a fake Reddit post, in an attempt to fool the Internet. Let’s see how they did...

If you’ve clicked on this video, you’re probably a fan of Reddit, right? As you’ll know, Reddit is a great place to read real stories from people on the Internet. However, it is also a place where some people come up with fake stories, which can be very believable. I’ll admit, I’ve even read some on my channel before, and they’re still very entertaining and realistic!

Fiverr is a website where you can order pretty much anything, so I’ve paid 6 different creative writers various amounts of money to create the best fake Reddit story they could.

In this episode, I’ll give 2 writers the same r/entitledparents brief, and see what they come up with!

Then, I’ll personally post their two stories on r/entitledparents, and see if the Internet believes them or not…

Check out the authors of these stories:

Story 1:

Story 2:

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