Episode 96: The Funny Pages (feat. Christopher Hastings & Branson Reese!)

Ep. 96

This week we're joined again by Branson Reese and Christopher Hastings AT THE SAME TIME! We've joined forces to reboot the funny pages! That is, newspaper comics!

Chris and Branson are also trying to kickstart their new graphic novel: Draculagate! It's a supernatural, political comedy about monsters and diplomacy! You can check it out, and back it, at!

You can find Branson's webcomic Swan Boy here at You can also find him on twitter as @bransonreese, on Instagram as @bransonofgod, and on his personal site!

Chris can be found on twitter as @drhastings, on his personal site, or you can read his now-finished webcomic, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, at!