Episode 18: The Matrix

We discovered Hollywood was trying to cut in on our sweet sweet reboot action by announcing a planned reboot for The Matrix, and decided to nip that in the bud by preemptively rebooting it ourselves. We give you: The Matrix! A Rock Opera in Six Acts. See below for the track listing! The Matrix: A Rock Opera In 6 Acts 01 - Here We Are In The Regular World 02 - Thomas: Call Me Neo 03 - Don't Rock The Boat (Be Happy) 04 - The Truth, or This Is The Matrix 05 - Here We Are In The Real World, Robots Won The War (Neo Wakes Up) 06 - The Resistance: Meet The Pals 07 - Kung Fu / The Woman In Red 08 - Steak Tastes So Good (Cipher's Betrayal) 09 - Who Is The One? 10 - There Is No Spoon (Trinity & Neo's song) 11 - We Don't Need Guns Swords Are Better 12 - Don't Die In The Dream 13 - The Resistance (Reprise) 14 - Get Outta Dodge: Shuriken Time 15 - Get Up Neo / There Is No Spoon (Reprise) 16 - I Am The One 17 - It Begins / Neo Takes Flight