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Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband & Geoff Lloyd

Throwing shade: why you’ll never take trees for granted again

Season 1, Ep. 307

Hello! Join Ed and Geoff as they go down to the woods today. And boy, are they sure of a big surprise. It turns out Britain only has 2.5% of the ancient woodland it once had! These hubs of biodiversity are hugely important for tackling the nature and climate crisis, but they're not in a good way. Nick Phillips from The Woodland Trust talks to us about why it’s not too late to save them. Fancy some forest bathing? Suzanne Simmons tells us why urban trees do so much for us in our everyday lives. And finally, Rebecca Wrigley speaks to us about rewilding and how woodlands and forests can regenerate all by themselves, all with a healthy amount of Lord of the Rings chat. 

Plus: It’s our final episode before our summer break. Is it wise for Ed to head to Reading Festival? Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you over the summer with your ideas, feedback or experiences of forest bathing, get in touch via email ( or via the website!


Nick Phillips, Principal Forestry Policy Advocate, Woodland Trust (@treepolicy / @WoodlandTrust)

Suzanne Simmons, Projects Director, Trees for Cities (@TreesforCities)

Rebecca Wrigley, CEO, Rewilding Britain (@RewildingB)

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Learn more about the work of The Woodland TrustTrees for Cities, and Rewilding Britain

Woodland trust information on ancient woodland

Visit Fingle Woods 

Costa Rica restoring its forests (Guardian)

How to start forest bathing

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