Really, 007!


The Living Daylights - Bond On The Big Screen

Ep. 38.15

Really, 007! celebrate the 60th anniversary of James Bond by watching every film at the cinema!

Timothy Dalton makes his debut as Bond in The Living Daylights...

Tom, Math, John and Chris share their hopes and expectations of watching it on the big screen, before assessing what they have just witnessed. They are joined by special guests Sam Rogers, Steve & Beau Spring, Bob Foster, Ciaran Richard, Chris Johnson, Trevor Baxendale, Gary K, Darren Bithell, Patch, Liam Reid, Philip Dethlefs from Cinekompass, Robert Redfern, Steve Koranteng, Simon Newall, Nick Bradley, Marc and Paul Wallace! Thanks for listening - we think you'll love it too!

Disclaimer: Really, 007! is an unofficial entity and is not affiliated with EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. and Danjaq, LLC.

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