Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark

Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark

A podcast for anyone who lives in a house or apartment rented or owned and wants to make it a better place to live.


Our passion is space, not outer space but beautiful space, fabulous living space.

Our mission is to help people create dynamic and inspiring spaces for their homes.


But we are not just about space, property and material things… we love people.

We are deeply interested in the people we talk to and what makes them tick and what inspires the choices they make in their lives and in their homes.


You may know us from our appearances on the Channel 9 show The Block, which provided us with the fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing people who have incredible stories to tell about their adventures through the world of renovation and beyond. 

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Delighted to have you on this journey with us.

Mitch and Mark.

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