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21 Resilient Workforce Ecosystems Leading Skills-Based Economic Recovery

Season 2, Ep. 21

As a pandemic impacts communities everywhere, regional workforce ecosystems must implement reemployment strategies to become more adaptable. Hear stories of resilience happening real-time.

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25 - Rebooting Economic and Workforce Development for 2021

Season 2, Ep. 25
Keeping the future in mind is a necessary function for persisting through disaster recovery.As regions continue to overcome the pandemic, there is a balance in preparing for future opportunities and obstacles at the same time.Episode 25 features Chad Chancellor, Co-Founder and CEO of the Next Move Group.Listeners can gain insight on the ever-changing skills marketplace in economic development and how that translates to expectations for workforce development and career education leaders.Chad explains how smaller markets and rural areas could see increased viability.Prospects and investors appreciate a simple, user-friendly approach with the buckets of recruit, screen, and train.Chad helps listeners find the right balance in wage competitiveness as well.Rounding out episode 25 are recaps from Mark Arend of Site Selection magazine as new rankings are out for 2021.Preble County, Ohio’s economic development chief, Brenda Latanza, shares her experience in the site selection process as a Work Ready Community.Guests and ContributorsChad Chancellor, Next Move GroupMark Arend, Site Selection MagazineBrenda Latanza, Preble County (OH) Development PartnershipResourcesNext Move Group2021 State of the States and Regional Workforce Rankings from Site Selection MagazineEpisode 18 with Mark Arend of Site Selection MagazineEpisode 10 Work Ready Communities OverviewEpisode 1 Using Work Ready Communities for Economic DevelopmentACT Workforce NewsletterACT Workforce SolutionsACT Work Ready Communities

24 - Deploy and Analyze Recovery and Resiliency Initiatives

Season 2, Ep. 24
In our third of three episodes dedicated to Skills-Based Recovery and Resiliency, episode 24 brings us to the Deploy and Analyze phases in the five-part ALEDA framework. Sean McCoy from Public Consulting Group shares some factors worth considering in the deployment of recovery services remotely. We’ll check out some best practice examples in remote work-based learning with Kelly Dyer in Missouri, and remote instruction with Brownwyn Robertson in Mississippi.Mike Longo and Mary LeFebvre are back with us to share tips and perspectives in analyzing recovery and resiliency efforts.Episode 22 covers the Adapt phase while 23 explores the Lead and Engage phases. Guests and ContributorsSean McCoy, Public Consulting GroupKelly Dyer, Missouri InternConnect and ApprenticeConnectMike Longo, Lorain County Workforce Agency and OhioMeansJobs CenterBrownwyn Robertson, Mississippi Adult Education Smart StartMary LeFebvre, ACT Governmental Affairs ResourcesSign up for the ACT Toolkits on Skills-Based Hiring for Recovery and ResiliencyPublic Consulting Group and VERA SolutionMissouri InternConnect and ApprenticeConnectEpisode 11: Next-Level Apprenticeship and Work-Based LearningACT Case Study on Ohio Re-Employment Success in Lorain County/Northern OhioACT Case Study on Ohio Statewide Re-Employment SuccessEpisode 20: Adult Education Success in Mississippi with WorkKeys CurriculumMississippi Adult Education Smart StartWorkKeys CurriculumEpisode 22: Adapt Phase of ALEDA Framework (Part 1 of 3)Episode 23: Lead and Engage Phases of ALEDA Framework (Part 2 of 3)ACT Workforce NewsletterACT Workforce SolutionsACT Work Ready Communities