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37 - Boosting Career Pathways with College Credit through WorkKeys

Season 3, Ep. 37

Career Pathways are a special blend of training and job progression. When the training includes post-secondary learning, the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate from ACT can translate to college credit that jumpstarts the learning journey. Awarding credit through Prior Learning Assessment, or PLA, for short, boosts confidence and increases the pace to program completion. Colleges increase enrollment while helping build the regional talent pipeline. 

The American Council of Education recently upgraded their recommendations on credit hours awarded for the NCRC. Join us on Episode 37 as we explore the benefits of PLA; make connections between WorkKeys levels and post-secondary performance; and examine how administrators and faculty can use WorkKeys Estimator to align their competencies to specific WorkKeys benchmarks.

Voices of Excellence in Episode 37:

Lynette Livingston, Executive Dean

Chippewa Valley Technical College



Dr. Cindy Hill, Principal Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

ACT WorkKeys Profiling and Research


Jenna Cohen, Senior Director

ACT Workforce Product


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