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35 - Closing Skill Gaps for Working Learners with Transit Support

Season 3, Ep. 35

As workforce development typically focuses on skill and availability, other economic and community development practices can make or break those workforce efforts. Examples include housing, broadband internet, childcare, and today’s focus in Episode 35, transportation. Abigail Seldin from the Seldon-Haring-Smith Foundation (SHSF) brings us insight on the importance of transit for community college students. We’ll explore the impact of mapping efforts to boost transit options, the interface of public policy, and advice on how to connect these strategies to a Work Ready Community. 

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32 - Preparing Workforce Ecosystems for Returning Citizen Success

Season 3, Ep. 32
Unprecedented skill shortages in labor markets across the U.S. often intersect with a desire for Justice System reform that provides pathways for Returning Citizens to thrive. When optimized in a regional workforce ecosystem, Returning Citizens are a high-performing group of working learners to boost a regional talent pipeline. Episode 32 is the second in our two part series on Preparing Workforce Ecosystems for Returning Citizen Success. We’ll look at a five P’s framework of partnerships, planning, preparation, pathways, and performance with tips to launch or optimize regional re-entry initiatives.Guest ContributorsDr. Roderick Nunn, Executive Vice President of Concordance Academy in St. LouisNeil Volz, Deputy Director of the Florida Rights Restoration CoalitionCurtis Campogni, Founder of Speak4MCMichael Williams, Education Consultant, North Carolina Department of Juvenile JusticeWill Coppage, Executive Director of the Washington County, Mississippi, Economic AlliancePresiding Judge Charles Elliot, Morgan County, AlabamaResourcesSign up for the ACT Workforce Toolkit on Preparing Workforce Ecosystems for Returning Citizen SuccessEpisode 31 on Life Changing Asset and Skills-Based Solutions in Alternative SentencingEpisode 19 on Missouri Making the Most of Second ChancesEpisode 7 on Empowered Re-EntryACT Workforce SolutionsACT Work Ready CommunitiesACT's Monthly Workforce Newsletter