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Sophie White : Regrets, I’ve had a few

Topics covered : Drug trip, drug induced psychosis, suicidal thoughts, breakdown, mania, bi-polar disorder, shedding shame, early onset Alzheimer’s, grief, regrets, recovery, self care, power of movement, pole-dancing.

In this episode I speak to writer and podcaster, Sophie White.

She lives in Dublin with her husband Seb and their 3 sons who are 2, 5 and 8.

She graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin with a first class honours degree in sculpture, she’s been a chef and she’s written 5 books so far.

And in this conversation we talk about mental breakdowns, regrets, the juggle of being a working mother, the unfixable pain of grief, her latest book ‘The Snag List’ and pole-dancing!

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