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Bonus 1: Hot Vampire Hunters in Your Area!

Season 1, Ep. 1

In our first bonus episode, Hannah sits down with two vampire hunters in a very serious interview exploring the real life implications of real life vampires. This episode was hosted by Hannah Wright and edited by Tal Minear. The transcript was done by Rook Mogavero. As you can tell from the publish date of this episode, there is no joking or shenanigans here. None at all.

The transcript is at

Are we far enough into the show notes yet? Look away if you haven't listened to the episode yet! Alright... April Fools! I suspect you caught on, but these are not real life vampire hunters. Or vampires. We think. In this silly bonus episode, Helvetica was played by Brooke Jennett, a brilliant voice actor and producer on the excellent horror anthology podcast Thirteen (fans of horrifying audio drama, you have to check it out). Drakkon was played by Mason Amadeus, cohost of the nonfiction podcast Digital Folklore, and one third of the hilarious comedy show PodCube (if you want more ridiculous improv like this episode, PodCube’s the show for you). Our serious bonus episodes will start, along with the first of our letters from our good friend Jonathan Harker, on May 3. (There will also be more silly bonus episodes like this one, don't worry!)

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

May 3: Your Friend, Dracula

Season 1, Ep. 1
May 3: Jonathan Harker begins his journey.This episode contains offensive ethnic stereotypes. Transcript here.This episode featured: Ben Galpin as Jonathan Harker; Ioana Adăscăliței as the Romanian Woman; and Karim Kronfli as Dracula. Directed by Hannah Wright. Dialogue editing by Stephen Indrisano. Sound design by Tal Minear. Featuring music by Travis Reaves. Produced by Ella Watts and Pacific S. Obadiah, with executive producers Stephen Indrisano, Tal Minear, and Hannah Wright. A Bloody FM Production.We want to thank the folks who donated their work to the TTRPG bundle we used in crowdfunding! You can find all games on itch: 'This Game Takes Place in Dracula's Castle by Jack Blair ($5). In this game, one of you is Dracula, the other is Jonathan Harker. You'll draw cards and answer prompts about moments where courtesy fails you in a precarious situation. Tension will build as you pull blocks from a tower. Will you get out without giving in to the monster?Love/Hate Relationship: A 2 Player Dracula Based Letter Writing RPG by Tal Minear ($5). This game imagines what it would be like if Jonathan Harker and R. M. Renfield had a correspondence during the events of Dracula. One player writes as Jonathan, and the other writes as Renfield. Step into their shoes, build a story, and explore a lighter or darker ending to Dracula.Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes) by Andrew J. Young ($2). In this game, four players play four Sherlock Holmes who team up to solve mysteries and one-up each other. Secretly, one or more Sherlock Holmes may be vampires. Can the four Sherlock Holmes find out who among them could be a creature of the night?I Want Your Bite by Rue Dickey ($10). In this game, a mysterious bachelor has recently purchased the manor house overlooking the town. They're in the process of starting a new life, and rumour has it they're looking for a partner. Compete against your fellow players for the chance at immortal love - a place by the Vampire's side.Follow us on social media!www.ReDracula.livewww.Bloody-Disgusting.comTumblr: Instagram: Discord: