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When Mario Cipollini broke Alfredo Binda’s Giro d'Italia stage record | Part One of the Cipollini saga

Season 3, Ep. 7

Part One of a Cipollini two-parter.

Alfredo Binda’s record of 41 stage wins in the Giro d’Italia stood for 70 years, until Mario Cipollini went one better. With his wavy blonde locks, bulging biceps, and a penchant for an eye-catching skinsuit, Super Mario was as ruthless as he was fast. Cipo made headlines and Giro history – but few friends during his controversial and colourful career.

Felix Lowe not only documents the incredible run that saw 'Mousselini' reign supreme but pits him against Binda: a man who on the surface was a cold and detached champion, a man who had about as much in common with the charismatic Cipollini as a smooth Barolo to Grappa. One was a champion vintage to savour long on the lips, another a coarse digestif enjoyed – if that’s the word – at the very end of a meal, something that came and went in a matter of seconds. And, once it hit the spot, it left behind a bitter aftertaste.

Part Two will be released as the Giro peloton hits the streets of Turin on Saturday the 8th of May, where Felix delves into the murky world of Cipo's retirement.

Re-Cycle is narrated by Graham Willgoss and produced by Pete Burton.

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