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RAW impressions with Lou Barlow and Adelle Barlow


Season 2, Ep. 65

Having just landed in Melbourne Australia on Valentines day, Lou covers his favorite love song by a member of Adelle's not-so-favorite band. 13,000 miles apart, they discuss Beyonce and Lana Del Rey's upcoming 'country' LPs and the air in airplanes.

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  • Let It Rip (you don't have to be a d*ck about it!)

    Lou is leaving on a long tour and he and Adelle unleash their anxieties about it in this especially free-form, expletive laden episode.Topics include Don Henley, Jennifer Aniston and Lou's greatest unwritten song: You Don't Have To Be A Dick About It.don't be a dick, subscribe to our Substack!>watch< the almost completely unedited version on You Tubes!
  • 77.5. Mini Music Monday-Junk Food Junkie

    For this Mini Music Monday, Lou does a cover of the 1975 hit song "Junk Food Junkie" by Larry Groce. Adelle and Lou discuss the 1970's "health food" craze and their personal favorite Hostess brand "junk foods".Join our substack for extra goodies!
  • 77. malaprops, air b'n'bs, and a real American hero

    4-track Man demands more Adelle time and Lou unveils a new toy commercial re-creation. join our Substack for extra crap and an ever-expanding archive of pod-related musical content!
  • 76. Match Game 76, Dave Grohl, and Adelle's high school poetry

    Lou returns from Atlanta excited to report on Dinosaur Jr's Foo Fighters hang. Did he finally talk to Grohl? Adelle recites some incendiary high school poetry. Join our Substack for extra goodies!
  • 75.5. TTTmmm

    tiny tunes tuesday METAL MACHINE MUSAK: Adelle hears Lou's contribution to the just-released (digitally) tribute to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music L.P. for the first time. After hearing the poem fragments in the collage, Adelle is inspired to read some poems of her own. full quality download of the full METAL MACHINE MUSAK L.P. the super limited vinyl (and get the download) Lou blab on the Discograffiti podcast
  • 75. the meaning of 'crepuscular', dirty turtles, and garage envy

    For this, the 75th episode of RAW Impressions, Adelle and Lou have a typically random conversation. Subjects include, but are not limited to, bunnies, wildlife selfies, the genius of Robyn Hitchcock, and bird shit. dip a toe in our Substack! we don't bite!
  • 74.5. tiny tunes tuesday: HOME

    Adelle and Lou receive 2 pieces of actual, in the mailbox, fan mail! Lou plays a written request, HOME (from his 2005 LP EMOH) and he and Adelle discuss coffee beans and T.V. guides. Thanks Thomas and Morgan! join our Substack for extra cozy stuff
  • 74. to the edge of L.A...and back

    For Spring break, the Barlow family returned to their old stompin' grounds. Lou and Adelle recount a memorable horse-back ride on the cliffs of Griffith Park.subscribe to our Substack! https://barlowfamilygeneral.substack.comwatch us yapping on you tubes!
  • 73. RAW 73: memory lane

    Izzy, inspired by a brunch with Grandma and the Aunties, writes a new song. Lou and Izzy secretly record it and Lou plays it for Adelle. you can hear the whole, 5 minute mind-scramble here!