Raise Her Up


Self-Belief, Growth… and the importance of Male Allyship

Season 2, Ep. 1

Welcome Back!!! Its Series 2 of Raise Her Up and we're starting with an absolutely incredible guest.

Our guest for Episode 1 of Season 2 is Sunday Times bestselling author, presenter, journalist, fashionista and all round role model Candice Brathwaite. Her first book, I Am Not Your Baby Mother, addressed the issue she found when she became a mother herself: that the media landscape was absolutely not representative of her own experience as a woman of colour. Her follow up, Sista Sister, was a series of essays setting out for a younger generation what she would have liked to know herself about things like money, friendship, love and self-respect, when she was growing up. She is back with her first work of fiction: a YA book, Cuts Both Ways, a love story - and she joins us on Raise Her Up to talk about all this and more. 

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