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Rainer's irreverent take on the Proms season with chat with musicians and more

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  • 17. Best of Proms in the Pub

    And so my friends we reach the end of our series. In this Last Night of the Proms in the Pub, I look back over the best bits of the podcast as Harry the Piano and I say cheerio until next year.... Thanks for listening

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  • 16. Tommy Pearson

    Tommy Pearson popped over to chat about his time at Radio 3 as their youngest presenter by some decades and his experience of presenting The Proms. We also spoke about how he got to write for Richard Attenborough and meeting TV legend Des Lynman. Harry the Piano treats us to a Franz Liszt version of Darth Vader's Imperial March.
  • 15. Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker)

    In which we're very excited to be joined by actor and satirist Tom Walker, better known as his foul mouthed political TV anchor creation, Jonathan Pie. Tom is a Proms virgin or so he claimed, so together with Harry The Piano, we took him along to experience the fun.
  • 14. Harry The Piano

    I was delighted to invite Harry the Piano into my humble home and talk to him about his genius ability to take audience suggestions of a song to be played in the style of composer and hey-presto Scooby-Doo a la Mozart, or a Beethoven take on the News at Ten theme. We talked about this crossover between classical music and comedy and the few select group of performers who have mastered this art centring on the great Victor Borge.
  • 13. Barry Wordsworth

    Conductor Barry Wordsworth is a true hero of the Proms - veteran of 30 appearances, including the 1993 Last Night, he has has done it all: jubilee concerts, programmes of Royal celebration, concertos, first performances. Hear his fascinating reminiscences of studying with Adrian Boult; how Malcolm Arnold nearly destroyed a priceless guitar live on the Albert Hall stage and more. Harry the Piano is on cue with his own razzmatazz take on Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite.
  • 12. The Prommers

    What would The Proms be without the Prommers? I speak to some of the hardcore fans, many of whom have been attending for decades, about the quirks, the trials and the friendships made in queuing for the daily cheap standing tickets. And Harry the Piano rounds things off with his Beethoven-Cole Porter mash up.
  • 11. Benjamin Appl

    Baritone Benjamin Appl is a former member of the BBC New Generation Artist scheme and a much sought after song recitalist. But excitingly for me we both share an Anglo-German heritage and lo-ove of music. I met up with him a couple of days before a rather unusual slot in a Symphony by the Danish Composer Carl Nielson. And we finish as always with Harry the Piano who gives us his Carmina Burana - Schubert mash up.