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Radio Westeros E61 - TWoW Primer, part 7 - The Reach

We head to the Reach to catch up on what's been going there -- from ironborn raiding to Sam Tarly's arrival in Oldtown. After taking a long look at the events described in the TWoW preview chapter The Forsaken, we go on to discuss what might be happening early in TWoW, with a naval battle about to take place in the Redwyne Straits.

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  • Radio Westeros E87 - The Night's Watch - After the Conquest

    We're back with an episode all about the Night's Watch in the post-Conquest era -- covering all the notable characters and events, the reasons for the slow decline of the organization, its role in the main storyline, and where it will fit in The Winds of Winter and beyond. Support us on Patreon!
  • Radio Westeros E86 - The Doom of Valyria

    We explore the history of the Valyrian Freehold from their defeat of the Rhoynar up to the Doom, the Century of Blood, and the opening salvo of the surviving Valyrian conquest of Westeros. Support us on Patreon!
  • Radio Westeros E85 - Night's Watch- Foundation and Lore

    We explore the history of the Night's Watch, from its foundation in the Age Heroes up to the Conquest. Along the way we look at the Wall and its castles, notable past members, the culture of the organization and its real life and literary inspirations. Support us on Patreon!
  • Radio Westeros E84 - Nymeria and the Rhoynar

    The odyssey of Nymeria and the Rhoynar is one of the great Westerosi legends and we begin our exploration of the third great migration from Essos with a look at Rhoynish history and culture, as well as their inevitable bloody clash with dragonlords of Old Valyria. Then we trace the voyage of the Ten Thousand Ships as they wandered for years around the fringes of the Summer Sea before finally making landfall in Dorne. We conclude the episode with a look at what happened next and its impact on Westerosi history. Support us!
  • Radio Westeros E83 - w/History of Westeros - Dance of the Dragons, part 6

    In the sixth installment of our series with History of Westeros on the Dance of the Dragons, House Targaryen reaches its lowest point yet and the action ends up back where we started - at the Red Keep. Also the Battle of the Kings Road claims the life of the ambitious and furious Storm Lord, and the muppets head to King's Landing. Support us!
  • Radio Westeros E82 - The Andals

    We continue our loose series on the various ethnic groups of Westeros with a deep dive on the Andals and the Andal invasion, the second mass human migration from Essos into Westeros, and arguably the most impactful. We look at their history, culture, religion and the reasons they went to Westeros and why they succeeded once they got there, tracing the course and impact of their invasion region by region across the continent. Support us!
  • Radio Westeros E81 - Arya Stark, part 4

    Covering Arya’s arc from her final post-Red Wedding chapters in ASOS, through her five chapters set in Braavos, we explore the development of Arya’s unique skill set — skinchanging, face-changing and other disciplines taught at the House of Black and White, combined with an undiminished need for vengeance. Along the way we identify the many ways that Arya Stark remains Arya even as she insists she has become No-One. Support us!
  • Radio Westeros E80 - The First Men

    In this episode all about the First Men of Westeros we look at their origins in Essos, their arrival in Westeros via the Arm of Dorne and their subsequent war with the indigenous peoples they found there, ending in the Pact at the Isle of Faces. In the second half of the episode we tour Westeros to paint a picture of the various regions under the First Men during the Age of Heroes prior to the Andal invasion. Support us at
  • Radio Westeros E79 - Arya Stark, part 3

    We're back with part 3 of our series on Arya Stark! In this episode we cover much of her ASoS arc -- from travels with the Brotherhood Without Banners, up to her journey to the Twins with Sandor Clegane. Themes of captivity, identity, mercy, and justice predominate, as well as Arya's increasing awareness of moral greyness. Plus the Ghost of High Heart, R'hllor, Edric Dayne and more! Support us: