Radio Oedipus


Foraging for Flavour

Season 1, Ep. 41

When Rozebunker first started they dreamt of making sodas that championed local ingredients and Dutch water (which as any Dutchie will proudly tell you is the best in the world). But now their mission is much bigger: to eliminate food waste and replace the bloated soda industry. On their fruit farm near Utrecht, Emile and Tom create new flavour worlds by telling stories to our taste buds. They turn the fruit they grow and rescue from other suppliers into syrup, and the leftovers from their syrup making into jam - but ultimately they want to develop anything and everything that tingles your tastes buds and sparks conversation about sustainability. Emile and Tom join us straight from the farm to tell us how they’re going to take down Coke and categorise the different flavours of seaweed, including pineapple?!

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