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  • Episode twenty nine: Tobi

    With the future of live theatre under threat, cultural producer and founder of Black Ticket Project Tobi Kyeremateng has been considering how the industry may evolve to survive ― as well as her own next steps when lockdown ends.Black Ticket Project is an award-winning initiative creating cultural access points for Black young people. To donate funds to the organisation, click here.

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  • Episode twenty eight: Aisha

    As the Assistant Principle at City Academy in Bristol, Aisha Thomas has gone above and beyond during the pandemic to keep vulnerable students engaged and to let them know how much she cares about them.She takes huge inspiration from her mother (also a teacher) in campaigning for racial equality within education — and is missing her a lot at the moment.Find out more about Aisha's work campaigning for racial equality in the education system here:TEDxSpeaker 2019BBC Inside Out West Black Teachers Documentary
  • Episode twenty seven: Jann

    Jann and her fiancé Annalan had a dream wedding planned in London this summer and of course had to cancel it — but a week later they decided to get married, just the two of them, in the hospital where they work. It was an amazing day, but a part of Jann was still sad that her two sisters couldn't be with them.
  • Episode twenty six: Epiphany

    Author Epiphany Jordan is an expert on human touch. We talked about the potential short and long-term consequences of self-isolation for our health and happiness — and what it is she's missing about physically being with her mother.
  • Episode twenty five: Weekly check-in with Bea

    Bea's about to turn 31 and have her first (and hopefully last) birthday in lockdown. For a bumper ep, we talk about house porn on lockdown walks, childhood crushes and getting into arguments in the street.
  • Episode twenty four: Ruby

    Ruby is 87, living in a care home — and loves it. The only thing she wishes is that she could give her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren a proper hug when they visit. She grew up determined to create a big, wonderful family, and she's done it.
  • Episode twenty three: Jane

    Jane has worked as a Big Issue vendor since 2003 and is so loved by her community that she’s been invited to Christmas lunches, weekly family dinners and was even left in one person’s will. From a history of abuse, trauma and addiction, she has carved out a life for herself that she loves — and is desperate to get back to the work she is missing.Contains references to domestic violence, addiction and abuse.Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, vendors aren’t able to sell on the streets. You can support The Big Issue by downloading the app, available on Apple Store and Google Play, subscribe online or buying the magazine from leading retailers, with half of proceeds going directly to vendors.