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#18: What's the secret to building a social media following according to a 100k+ influencer - With Paul Brown

Do you want the secrets to build your own 100,000 followers on social media?


Well our guest has 40,000 followers on TikTok, 27,000 on Linkedin, 20,000 on Twitter and has even worked with the likes of Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua. Our guest, Paul Brown, is an influencer in his own right and founder of Baked Bean Media, a social media and video production company. Paul gives some incredibly useful insights and actionable tips that even I’ve been inspired to do myself. Paul’s approach is in my opinion that of a viral hunter, he’s always ready, tapped into the networks and waiting to maximise the opportunity to create the next piece of content that rides a social media wave. 

This was a refreshingly different podcast episode that I think will give you an alternative perspective of social media.

So here we go, Paul Brown.

I'm Chris O'Hare your Quick Win CEO, as a CEO I've run businesses, founded startups, consultant for others and even won awards. But in this show we'll be talking to entrepreneurs and experts to help you understand key concepts for your business along with 3 quick wins that you can take away and apply to your business today. Every week we'll be finding out about the entrepreneur themselves and diving into a different but important topic.

We could have gone on for ages with the amount of information Paul was providing. But what did you think of Paul’s Quick Wins?

Quick Win Number 1, You know your industry, talk about it more.

Quick Win Number 2, Get into a habit of creating short sharp videos that doesn’t take long to produce.

Quick Win Number 3, You have to nurture your audience and grow a community, if someone messages you, reply to them.

But what was your favourite bit of this show? You can tell me on Clubhouse Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or youtube where you can find me with @haredigital. Remember there are several other podcasts available to listen to which you can find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Whilst you're there, I would be so grateful if you can subscribe and write a review. 

But Until Next time, I’m your Quick Win CEO.

Signing out.


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