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S9 EP7: Correspondence Special

Season 13, Ep. 7

S9 EP7: Correspondence Special

We're gearing up for a two week mid season break on the main feed to rest the legs before the run up to Christmas. This episode we're getting through some of the backlog of brilliant correspondence we get sent and of course, Peter Shilton features heavily once more...

Patreon exclusive episodes will continue as normal while we drink pints of wine on the Costa Del Blowfly. Episode 11 of Striker coming soon this month and another watch-a-long to be decided by you, QK fan club members - will it be a Shilton documentary or My Summer with Des? Let us know in the comments below!

We've also (finally) got a merch update from the supplier! The final item is en-route to us as we speak. Thank you for your patience and get ready to fill your life with pointless/essential (delete as appropriate) QK based 90's football merch. 

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