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S10 EP7: The End of Series 90's Football Quiz

Season 14, Ep. 8

S10 EP7: The End of Series 90's Football Quiz

You know the drill by now. It's the QK end of series 90's Footballl Quiz. There will be factual inaccuracies. There will be at least one mention of Peter Shilton. And inevitably, Chris will lose... thanks for listening this series. We'll be back soon with Series 11 and another amazing line-up of guests (feel free to let us know topics / footballers / guests you'd like us to cover in the comments below) and in the meantime we'll see you very soon for the Patreon only Sweeper! Chapter 3 and 4 (the first of which drops this week) and all the usual QK Fan Club bonus content including the tombola prize draw. We've found even more 90's based goodies to give away! The latest addition is some of the Euro 96 yellow water bottles from the iconic Gazza goal celebration against Scotland. What's not to love...


Chris, Josh and Michael.

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S10 EP3: Jarlath Regan / Mick McCarthy's Republic of Ireland

Season 14, Ep. 4
S10 EP3: Jarlath Regan / Mick McCarthy's Republic of IrelandWe're joined this week by the comedian, presenter and podcaster - Jarlath Regan.We watch and discuss the superb documentary McCarthy's Park (available on youtube) which takes a look at Mick McCarthy's time in charge of ROI as they try and fail to qualify for the France 1998 World Cup. From the early seeds of troubles with Roy Keane, to hygienic tattoo parlours via some early (but not very effective) video analysis from Mick and his team over a few beers. It's a brilliant watch. And a different time.Elsewhere in the postbag we discuss Peter Shilton's tiny hands. George Weah as Prime Minister of Liberia, and players wearing the wrong shirts. Enjoy!Jarlath's brilliant podcast 'An Irishman Abroad' is available wherever you get your podcasts and the book he mentions 'Champagne Football' by Mark Tighe + Paul Rowan is well worth a read.In other news, on top of extended 'director of football cuts' of the main series episodes, all QK Fan Club members will now also get the episodes a whole WEEK EARLY - that's right, we now release on a Monday for QK Fan Club members and the following Monday for the non fan club listeners! We've also got the usual Patreon only bonus episodes every month - later this month it's chapter three of the second book in the Steve Bruce / Barnes murder mystery 'Sweeper!' with Ivo Graham. And on top of that a Patreon only QK Film Club deep dive and watch-a-long of the 1997 film 'Fever Pitch' based on Nick Hornby's seminal book of the same name.Thanks,Chris, Josh and Michael.Fan Club: www.patreon.com/quicklykevinTwitter: @quicklykevinInstagram: quicklykevinEmail: hello@quicklykevin.com