Question of the Day

Learn something new every day! Question of the Day, the award-winning interactive trivia game for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is now a daily podcast.

For a few minutes each day, the Question of the Day Flashcast, or miniature podcast, features veteran radio hosts Murray Horwitz and Tamika Smith, as they discuss each day’s topic. Entertaining and educational, the Flashcast explores questions about science, history, literature, movies, geography, and more.

Created by, Question of the Day is available through such voice assistants as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. With millions of fans in eight countries around the world, Question of the Day is one of the most popular voice experiences out there.

To receive the full Question of the Day experience, just ask:

  • “Alexa, what’s the question of the day?” or 
  • “Hey Google, ask question of the day.”