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  • 5. Queer I Am Interviews, Your Host; Andrew Flewitt.

    This season finale is is a little different to anything I've done before; I am handing over this show to Nicholas Cousin, Podcaster, Creative and Business Owner, and he'll be talking with me about being a Queer creative, amongst many other things!Yes, that’s right, I’m going to be interviewed for the first time on Queer I Am, The Podcast. This was intimate, interesting and I guess a vulnerable conversation, full of honesty, humour and reflection. I'm really pleased Nick and I recorded this together, and I hope you like it!Please welcome, Me, Andrew Flewitt, to the show!

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  • 4. Queer I Am Interviews, Matt Cain.

    I’m thrilled to be speaking with an incredible author today, that has been a guest of the podcast once before. They have released 4 wonderful books to date, and in January 2024 they'll be releasing their 5th, which is entitled One Love.I've been lucky enough to read One Love prior to this interview, and I can confirm it is absolutely beautiful; a must read this winter, so get ordering it right now…. you won't be disappointed!Please welcome to the show the super talented, Matt Cain.
  • 3. Queer I Am Interviews, Morgan Nik Harris.

    Sometimes, we are lucky to meet people that not only bring joy and friendship to our lives, but they're also super talented, and become a guest on your podcast too! Today I am joined by Brighton based singer-songwriter Morgan Nik Harris. Morgan has just released their debut single ‘System’, and if this debut is anything to go by, there'll be nothing but great things ahead for them.We talk about being an artist, how System was developed and the backstory behind the song. This is a lovely intimate chat with lots of laughs, and sneak peak at the song too, which you can download on all platforms right now!Please welcome my friend Morgan to the show!!
  • 2. Queer I Am Interviews, Lizzy Huxley Jones (Hux).

    Joining me on today's episode of the podcast, is Lizzie Huxley-Jones aka Hux. Hux is an autistic author and editor based in London, and is responsible for the incredible queer holiday rom-com novel Make You Mine This Christmas, which is out right now!They write joyful stories that centre around queerness and disability, and I am thrilled they are joining me for a chat today. We talk books and writing, queerness and disability, and the importance of creating art that encompasses all of these things, providing positive representation for the reader. I cannot wait for you to hear this conversation. Please welcome Hux to the show!
  • 1. Queer I Am Interviews, Miss Jason.

    Kicking off this season of the podcast, is someone I’ve wanted to talk to since this podcasting adventure began, and I’m so excited it's finally happening!!Miss Jason is a Brighton based drag performer, who quite honestly is drag royalty! They were the first queen I saw when I moved to Brighton, and I’ve been hooked ever since. We’re getting festive and talking Christmas and their plans for the big day. I find out how their Drag career began, the results of shopping on Amazon whilst taking Morphine, and what happens when you defend Eastender Actress and Panto co-star Jessie Wallace in the local pub, and how this can elevate your profile! Whilst there are lots of laughs, we also chat about Miss J’s break this year, their recovery and what it means to them to be back on the circuit. We discuss their new role as Patron of the Sussex Beacon, the incredible fundraising for them by fellow queens and the Two Brewers in London, and how we must look after and cherish our community.I loved this conversation so much; it was worth the wait.I hope you enjoy! A x
  • Queer I Am, The Podcast. Season 4 Trailer.

    Season 4 is coming! Saturday 9th December 2023, prepare to get cosy for Season 4, The Winter Warmers Season.
  • 8.1. Queer I Am, The Podcast. Live and Unscripted; Queer Community and Allyship. Part 2.

    Hello and welcome to Season 3 of Queer I Am, The Podcast, Live and Unscripted - I am so excited to share this with you. The podcast has been recorded over 8 weeks, in front of a live audience at Arcobaleno, an inclusive Queer space, in the heart of Kemptown Brighton. The shows feature a panel of guests, where we will be talking all things queer, and an audience Q&A too, an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the conversation.In this episode, we will be discussing Queer Community and Allyship. The show features Inclusive Rugby Player and Manager, Paul Tindle; Broadcast Journalist and Author, Daniel John Harding; and Performer, Jonny Salters Monroe AKA Cherry Bomb. I hope you enjoy the show.#lgbt #lgbtqia #queerrelationships #gayrelationships #books #author #queeriamthepodcast #popculture #queerpodcast #journalist #interview #writer #lgbtq #queerartist #youtube #instagram #tiktok #twitter #reel #queercommunity #contentcreator #brand #follow #subscribe #voiceartist #podcaster #voiceover #liveartist #imtalkingproudandqueer, #host #creator #applepodcasts #spotifypodcasts #acastpodcasts #queerconversations #jointheconversation #gay #lesbian #bisexual #transgender #translivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #intersectionality #queer #questioning #ace #asexual #queersex #sex #sexpositive #queershame #queermentalhealth #queercommunity #queerallyship #allyship #queerhistory #identity #comingout #livingyourtruth